Law firm NOVA JUS was founded in 2010 by advocate Boris Georgiev.

With the opening of the legal firm in Sofia, he continues the long legal tradition of his family, reaching back to his great-grandfather Judge Ivan Georgiev, one of the first lawyers in Bulgaria after the liberation from the Ottoman rule in 1878. Like his predecessors, advocate Boris Georgiev chose to receive the best possible legal education and studied aboard, which also enabled him to establish many contacts throughout Europe.

The choice of Vienna as a second location for NOVA JUS is deliberate and not surprising. Due to its location, Vienna plays an essential economic and social pivot point of Central and Eastern Europe. The Austrian capital is home to many international corporations and organizations and thus a crossover scene of global political and business interests. This setting provides an advantageous environment for companies for nourishing their business contacts, seizing and developing new markets and managing a successful business.

NOVA JUS pursues an innovative concept of combining extensive and diverse legal expertise with a dedicated personal approach.

The founder of NOVA JUS, advocate Boris Georgiev, represents a new generation of lawyers – dynamic, diverse and broad minded. He adheres to the philosophy that legal advice should always be adapted, through flexibility and individual approach, to the specific interest and objective of the client. In times of increasingly global interdependence, cross-border solutions are not only required, but indispensable – and this is exactly what NOVA JUS strives to provide to its clients.

To provide legal advice through different legal systems and jurisdictions is often a difficult and complicated matter. This is where the strength of NOVA JUS lies – we offer comprehensive legal services beyond the borders of one country without undermining the quality of our service and the proximity to our clients.

Our core expertise lies in providing legal advice on Bulgarian and Austrian law, as well as on European Union law. We consider a prerequisite for competent and reliable service that we continuously develop our know-how and remain up-to-date on all legal developments in all jurisdictions covered.